Nate Gifft


Nate Gifft’s deep-rooted passion for cowboy culture traces back to his early years, and has grown into the relentless pursuit of building quality buckaroo gear and the horses that pack them. Residing in Baker City, Oregon with his wife and two children, Nate spends his time as a rawhide braider and dayworking cowboy. 

He attributes his expertise to the guidance and mentorship of Bill Black, whose knowledge was instrumental in shaping his braiding journey.  Every step, from processing hides to dyeing strings, is a meticulously executed process that Nate takes great pride in. His participation in trade shows extends beyond profits. Rather, it serves as a platform to showcase his creative capabilities, engage with fellow craftsmen, and garner valuable insights for enhancing his work. Furthermore, it offers an avenue to establish meaningful connections with those who share a passion for gear making.

Nate’s commitment to learning and preserving the traditions of braiding and vaquero horsemanship sustain his dedication to this craft.