Albert Zwahlen


Lake Point Utah. I got my start braiding about 18 years ago. Making my first set of reins. One of my good friends showed me how to braid eight strands of parachute cord into a set of reins. I knew then I wanted to keep making things braiding. Knowing I wanted to make these things I wanted to make them better and more traditional. I saw a feed store hackamore, and thought I could make that. My first few projects were a bit on the rough side, but I was hooked. I sought out anyone at a roping with anything braided and wanted to look at it. And finger out how they made it. I met one of my good mentors at a roping asking about his reins. I sought out classes or gathering from then till now. I was told once to learn at least one new thing every day. Getting to travel and meet new people because of this craft make that fairly easy. I enjoy the friendships and mentors that have come for this journey. I hope to share what I can with whoever might be interested.