Jerry Arbiter


Jerry spent more than 38 years as an aviator. His career included 20 years as naval aviator flying single seat jet aircraft from US Navy aircraft carriers. His military service included flying more than 200 combat missions from the USS Oriskany in Vietnam. Nowadays he’d rather be in the saddle on a good horse than in the cockpit of an aircraft…

After obtaining a copy of Bruce Grant’s book on making horse gear in 1968, Jerry dabbled in braiding, making a few scruffy projects. In 2010 Jerry began braiding in earnest, making reatas, reins, hackamores, bosals, quirts, rein chains and the like. He processes his own hides and strives for continuous improvement. He gives credit to other braiders and friends including Doug Groves, Kirby Orme and Mike Skinner who’ve generously shared their braiding knowledge.

The reins displayed here includes a set of 12 plait, 60 set, with a 16 plait romal, constructed from red angus rawhide.  The set is constructed with rawhide cores.