Mike Skinner


Living in Boise Idaho, Mike focuses on braiding rawhide gear for the cowboy community.  Mike’s interest in handcrafted cowboy gear began early in life and he got his braiding start through the State of Washington’s Folk Arts Apprenticeship program.  The goal with each piece of gear is to improve functionality and add refinements, making each piece a work of art.  Finding opportunities to spend time with horse owners and other braiders is key Mike’s success and he values the time I have been able to spend with other braiders who are willing to share and teach.

12 x 16, Sixty Button, 42” Rawhide Reins & Romal – These reins and romal were braided from a Red Angus hide that I processed.  Over 600 feet of rawhide strings were cut, sized, split and beveled, then used to braid the bodies and the 140 buttons used to create this gear. The reins and romal include a combination of Western and Argentine braiding styles with the traditional 60 button pattern highlighted with the Trenza Patria rein connector and rawhide applique Cowboy Gear & Arts Museum brand on the lined and stitched dark chocolate bridle leather popper.