Jesse Bolton


Jesse Bolton is a first-generation cowboy residing in far northeast California. After seeing braided rawhide gear for the first time as a teenager he developed an interest in learning how to make it himself, but his career as a rawhide wouldn’t truly start until in 2009 after he and Nate Gifft spent a week learning from Bill Black. Driven by a desire to create quality useable rawhide gear, Jesse continued to learn from other rawhide braiders he worked with throughout his career as a cowboy.  Now he relies on his rawhide braiding for a significant portion of his income. Jesse’s approach to braiding focuses on functionality, longevity, and a clean and finished look, as he aims to provide his customers with a highly usable product that lasts long enough to become a family heirloom. If you ask him, he’ll say the real art of rawhide is in its use.