Pat Horlacher


Pat has always been drawn to Eastern Oregon. The harsh weather, rugged high desert terrain, and ranching way of life help to influence each of his pieces. He likes to refer to his engraving as a bastardized version of western bright cut and high relief. Pat strives to put his signature style into every piece and to make each piece unique and one of a kind. John Hyde, of Yamsi Silver and Leather, gave Pat the opportunity to get his foot in the door of silversmithing back in 2009 and since that humble beginning; Pat has worked with several excellent silversmiths, such as Dave Alderson and his biggest influencer Ernie Marsh. He plans to work with more, as he believes his education is never ending. Back in 2020 Pat and his wife, Kailin partnered with Ernie and Teresa Marsh and Marsh Bros. Bits and they are now being made in Pats shop in Burns, OR where they can continue on the tradition started by Al Tiejten.