Matt Wilson


Matt “Grew up ah dreaming of being a cowboy”; Some say he did, some say “All he’s doing is keeping a good horse off feed! “ 

 Growing up in Central Oregon he learned roping and riding and enjoyed a great upbringing, starting colts, shoeing horses and team roping with his family and friends. Learning to ride cutters, reiners, rodeo horses and even dressage and jumpers, Matt was paid as an apprentice under accomplished trainers in all disciplines. He has an understanding of the horse. 

 Matt would tell you he learned all he knows about creating with his head and hands from his Dad. A man who is a meticulous fabricator at all he does. Everything from building fence, framing up a shed, carving an incredible wood headboard or welding and hammering out all sorts of projects from design to finish his dad can do it all. 

 Like many cowboys, Matt has always had an artistic flare to what he does. Be it decorating a fancy horse, painting, writing a song, carving stick horses or  building a longbow, he has always been lucky enough to meet those who were willing to share their knowledge. He has always made do, and built with, whatever materials he could muster up; materials including, but not limited to: broken corral boards, scrap metal, cheap guitars, second hand hound dogs and a gumption to try. 

  If you know Matt then you know he is proud of his family: his beautiful wife Rachel, who he’s been married to for 27 years, and their “five amazing daughters and two of the greatest son-in- laws they could ask for.”  They live in Silver Lake Oregon, where they have raised their family, herding cattle, riding broncos, chasing lions and bears, cutting firewood, hauling water for the house (when the well went down) and pretty much enjoying living on the edge of the Great Basin- one Hamm’s pork chop at a time! 

 Starting out with a vice on a stump and an anvil on another, a hacksaw, worn out files, and a welder he built his first bits. Eventually with his Dad they created a number of bits and had a successful small business after Matt was “nearly killed in wild and stupid adventures, for about the sixth time! Those bits are out there marked Wilson, and are still being traded around.” Today, he builds many different styles of bits, conchos, and all sorts of ideas clients come up with and request.  

  Matt is honored to be involved in this years Cowboy Arts and Gear bit building competition. “Designing my idea, building, and trying some new ideas on this bit I feel, has broadened my horizons. I’m not concerned about competing, I’ve enjoyed the experience and look forward to being in Elko.” 

Matt’s 2024 Bit is a solid jaw mouth piece. This is an extended version of a poco spade with a free swinging slobber bar.