David Simmons


David is from Northern California and lives in Anderson with his wife, Rachel, and two kids, Caleb and Chace. He grew up on ranches in Northern California, sparking his interest in becoming a certified farrier. In 2021, David decided to try his hand at bit-making with help from Mike Vatalaro. This kickstarted his journey into honing his craftsmanship.

Now, he’s entering his fourth bit in the Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum Bit Contest. David, who loves collecting bits, spends most of his days crafting and working on ranches. His experiences cowboying on various ranches have instilled in him a profound appreciation for the intricate skill set required to create a beautiful and functional bit. From ranch life to becoming a certified farrier, David’s passion for bit-making reflects his commitment to excellence. Each piece he creates combines tradition, craftsmanship, and dedication.