Kade Martin


Kade Martin raised in Wyoming on the family ranch, now resides in Idaho with his wife and 5 kids.  Self-taught silversmith for the first 8 years, then was blessed to learn from many great mentors.   Attended GRS class taught by Jeremiah Watt, then went on to continue his learning from John Wright, Wade Lowham, and many tips and tricks from Pat Horlacher, Jon Peters, Mark Dahl, Chris Cheney and other greats that have helped Kade develop his own style. He loves to learn and talk to everyone he can, and will never stop trying to become a better silversmith and craftsman.  He’s so very grateful for J.M. Capriolas, John & Susan Wright for doing all they do to keep these old traditions alive and heritages continuing.  Also, the constant support and encouragement from his wife and kids.