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  • Curtis Hill Bit #13

    Curtis Hill Bit #13

    Curtis Hill is a bit and Spur maker from Wichita Falls TX. Curtis stays true to the old techniques and process of the early bit and spur makers. He believes in building quality gear for […]
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  • Barak Freeman  Bit #14

    Barak Freeman Bit #14

    Barak Freeman is a self-taught silversmith who originally became interested in silverwork as a young teenager.  He wanted nice gear but couldn’t afford it on his cowboying wages so he started reading silversmithing books and […]
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  • Stephen Hoyt Bit #15

    Stephen Hoyt Bit #15

    Stephen Hoyt is from Washington, Missouri. His current occupation is in agriculture. He is also a certified welder. Stephen enjoys working in silver and steel as well as making saddle silver, buckles and bits. He […]
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  • Baru Forell Bit #16

    Baru Forell Bit #16

    Baru Forell has been a western silversmith for fifteen years with a strong desire to make bridle bits. This is her second bit for the contest, and had some assistance from Rod Teuscher, Gainsville, Texas. […]
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  • Chip Merchant Bit #17

    Chip Merchant Bit #17

    Chip was raised in St. Ignatius, Montana.  Chip had an early interest in drawing, welding and working with metal.  As he grew older these interests came together and developed into making custom bits, spurs and […]
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  • Shawn Didyoung  Bit #18

    Shawn Didyoung Bit #18

    Shawn lives in Laurel, Montana where he started engraving in 2008. He is a goldsmith/silversmith and a member of the FEGA, Firearms Engravers Guild of America. He was named Engraver of the Year in 2013 […]
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  • Forest Fretwell Bit #19

    Forest Fretwell Bit #19

    Forest Fretwell is a retired Owyhee county rancher.  He still lives on the ranch that has been in his family for over 150 years.  Forest is 81 years old and produces some of the most […]
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