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  • #1 Jon Peters

    #1 Jon Peters

    Jon Peters~ I am a maker living and working in Southern California.  Over the years, my work has evolved from automotive pinstriping and airbrushing to leatherwork and metal engraving, with many other mediums sprinkled in […]
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  • #2 Jeremiah Watt & Nevada Watt Miller

    #2 Jeremiah Watt & Nevada Watt Miller

    Nevada Watt Miller & Jeremiah Watt Nevada Miller ~ I have named this cheek “Shield Yourself From The Storm”. The lightning bolts symbolize the hardships that we face in life. But if we put our […]
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  • #3 Dennis Domingos

    #3 Dennis Domingos

    Dennis Domingos~ Dennis grew up in the Santa Ynez valley.  San Luis Obispo is to the North, Ventura to the South and Santa Barbara is in the middle.  This is the home to many Vaqueros […]
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  • #4 Jim Dunlap

    #4 Jim Dunlap

    Jim Dunlap~ Jim is a 6th generation rancher from Williams, California.  A former saddle bronc rider and now a father and grandfather.  He started building bits and spurs in high school but took it seriously […]
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  • #5 George Elsner

    #5 George Elsner

    George Elsner~ George grew up working on ranches in the west. He currently builds custom bridles, spurs, bridle bits and snaffles for individual horses and cowboys.  George is a very humble and modest silversmith who […]
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  • #6 Connor Garwood

    #6 Connor Garwood

    Connor Garwood~ Connor Garwood grew up in Nebraska and built his first pair of spurs with his grandpa when he was 16 years old.  When he was 18 years old, he had the opportunity to […]
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  • #8 John Wright & Jon Peters

    #8 John Wright & Jon Peters

      All proceeds on the sale of this bit go directly to the Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum. This bit was built by Jon Peters and engraved by John Wright.   John Wright~ John is from […]
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  • #9 Chris Cheney

    #9 Chris Cheney

    Chris Cheney~ Chris and his family live in Rexburg, Idaho. He has worked as a self employed bit maker, silversmith and saddlemaker for the last 20 years.  He started out building tack and riding colts […]
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  • #10 Brian Brown

    #10 Brian Brown

    Brian Brown~ Brian and Jodi Brown live near St. John, Washington on their ranch where they run black cows, quarter horses, and raise export hay.  They fell into silver work from a friend John Hyde’s […]
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  • #11 Travis Clelland

    #11 Travis Clelland

    Travis Clelland~ Travis “Butch” Clelland’s career as a bit and spur maker began as a project in high school over a decade ago. It has since blossomed into a passion and business called T. Clelland […]
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  • #12 Justin Massar

    #12 Justin Massar

    Justin Massar~ Justin Massar is a full time bit maker for Tom Balding Bits and Spurs in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Justin has worked for Tom Balding for over 20 years. Educated by GRS engraving programs in […]
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  • #13 Curtis Hill

    #13 Curtis Hill

    Curtis Hill~ Curtis Hill is a bit and Spur maker from Wichita Falls, Texas. Curtis stays true to the old techniques and process of the early bit and spur makers. He believes in building quality […]
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  • #14 Barak Freeman

    #14 Barak Freeman

    Barak Freeman~ Barak Freeman is a self-taught silversmith who originally became interested in silverwork as a teenager.  He wanted nice gear but couldn’t afford it on his cowboying wages so he started reading silversmithing books, […]
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  • #15 Stephen Hoyt

    #15 Stephen Hoyt

    Stephen Hoyt~ Stephen Hoyt is from Washington, Missouri. His current occupation is in agriculture. He is also a certified welder. Stephen enjoys working in silver and steel as well as making saddle silver, buckles and […]
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  • #17 Chip Merchant

    #17 Chip Merchant

    Chip Merchant~ Chip and his family live in Beavercreek, Oregon, where he enjoys building bits and spurs and various other silver pieces.  Chip has been blessed with good mentors and making good friends along the […]
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  • #18 Kelly Piele

    #18 Kelly Piele

    All proceeds on the sale of this bit go directly to the Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum.   Kelly Piele~ I’m very grateful for the grand opportunity of growing up in the cow business, although […]
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  • #19 Forest Fretwell

    #19 Forest Fretwell

    Forest Fretwell~ Forest Fretwell is a retired Owyhee County rancher.  He still lives on the ranch that has been in his family for over 150 years.  Forest is 82 years old and produces some of […]
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  • #20 Richard & Leighton Brooks

    #20 Richard & Leighton Brooks

    Richard & Leighton Brooks~ As a young boy in the 1970’s, Richard first learned gear-building basics in his grandfather’s silver shop (Roy Brooks Sr.) on Roy’s family sawmill/ranch west of Calgary. In 2005, after several […]
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