Jon Peters Bit #1

Jon Peters Bit #1

Jon is a maker living and working in Southern California. Over the years, his work has evolved from automotive pinstriping and airbrushing to leatherwork and metal engraving, with many other mediums sprinkled in along the way.

Throughout his career, his work has been influenced by the iconography and motifs of the West. As a teenager, his first jobs were in feed stores and bucking hay as a ranch hand on horse and cattle ranches.

He spent his twenties working with horses, riding, and traveling to horse shows. This time gave him a deep love and respect for horses and the people who ride and care for them. During this time, he became interested in the gear used in riding and roping and began to think about the engineering behind the gear and how the pieces were put together.

That still resonates with him today as he creates bits and spurs. He loves looking at pieces to see how they were made and constructed. That is the fun and challenging part about creating gear. He is always looking for a way to improve his skills and products while experimenting with new designs.

His goal is to create one of a kind pieces. When each piece is unique, he is driven to his most creative edge, and this is where he thrives as an artist. Making something different than anything he has ever made before keeps his work interesting, and constantly evolving.

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