John Wright & Jon Peters Bit #8

John Wright & Jon Peters Bit #8

The collaboration Bit & Complete Bridle Set Up

This bit is very special to us because all proceeds of the sale of this setup goes directly to the Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum. The bit was built by Jon Peters and engraved by John Wright. Headstall was was built by J.M. Capriola Co. Headstall silver built by John Wright. All rawhide work was built and donated by Bret and Melanie Haskett. The rawhide braiding is out of this world. We can not thank every individual who pitched in on this beautiful setup enough. Thank you for making this possible. Some of our gracious sponsors J.M. Capriola Co., Elko Convention and Visitor’s Authority , GRS Engraving, Rio Grande jewelers supply, Dave Alderson Silversmith.

John Wright is from a ranching and rodeo family in Nevada where he has crafted fine leather working gear from a very young age.

As a third generation owner of J.M. Capriola Co. John grew up knowing the importance of artistry and quality.  Early on, John knew he wanted to be an artist and continue making and creating traditional cowboy gear.

John manages J.M. Capriola Co., helping to preserve the quality and authenticity of the western tradition in making gear.
John lives in Spring Creek Nevada with his wife Susan, son Charlie, and daughter Audrey.



Jon Peters is a maker living and working in Southern California. Over the years, his work has evolved from automotive pinstriping and airbrushing to leatherwork and metal engraving, with many other mediums sprinkled in along the way.

Throughout his career, his work has been influenced by the iconography and motifs of the West. As a teenager, his first jobs were in feed stores and bucking hay as a ranch hand on horse and cattle ranches.

He spent his twenties working with horses, riding, and traveling to horse shows. This time gave him a deep love and respect for horses and the people who ride and care for them. During this time, he became interested in the gear used in riding and roping and began to think about the engineering behind the gear and how the pieces were put together.

That still resonates with him today as he creates bits and spurs. He loves looking at pieces to see how they were made and constructed. That is the fun and challenging part about creating gear. He is always looking for a way to improve his skills and products while experimenting with new designs.

His goal is to create one of a kind pieces. When each piece is unique, he is driven to his most creative edge, and this is where he thrives as an artist. Making something different than anything he has ever made before keeps his work interesting, and constantly evolving.



Bret Haskett grew up on a small cattle ranch located at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation where he still lives today but no longer ranches. Currently he is the Director of Fish and Game for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. He became interested in braiding rawhide cowboy gear at an early age beginning with repair work of his own items and is self-taught. His influences at that time was gear braided by Jack and Jim Shepard along with a native buckaroo named Harvey Knight. Since developing his braid work Bret enjoys going to gatherings and trade shows speaking to others always looking to gather a greater knowledge and understanding of traditional braided cowboy gear. He also has provided workshops to other braiders and spoke at gatherings sharing ideas for those trying to refine their knowledge of rawhide gear and its functionality. Today he is committed to producing high quality, yet functional, traditional rawhide gear.





This is a 100% donation item.  100% of the proceeds will go to the CAGM 

Double Ferrule Headstall Donated by J.M. Capriola Co.

Rawhide Romal Reins and Buttons on headstall made By: Bret Haskett 

Bit Collaboration By: John Wright and Jon Peters

Headstall Hardware to match bit By:  John Wright

Complete Bridle Set up is valued at- $4000.00

Winning Bid: $4,950.00

Item condition: New

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