Connor Garwood Bit #6

Connor Garwood Bit #6

Connor Garwood has spent most of his life cowboying on ranches—from the Sandhills of his native Nebraska to the sagebrush sea of northern Nevada to the Arizona brush country where he’s currently a colt starter and a cowboy on the O RO Ranch. When he’s not horseback, the 23-year-old craftsman is working on his next bit or pair of spurs.

Connor became interested in making bits and spurs as a teenager after watching a Bruce Cheaney spur making video. He built his first pair of spurs with his grandpa when he was 16 years old after he’d lost one of his spurs while cowboying.  He built seven additional pairs over the next two years.

He’s read about bit and spur maker Gary Wiggens in a magazine article, and, just before his 18th birthday, he traveled to Brewster, Kansas, and spent three days in Wiggens’ shop. He returned five more times and built his first curb and snaffle bits and learned relief steel-engraving techniques.

Though he’s learned from talented makers, some of his best teachers, however, are the horses he’s ridden and learning how they respond to different bits.

Still early in his craftsmanship, Connor aspires to create bit and spurs that can be used by working cowboy.  He created the design for the Las Cruces bit he made for this year’s Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum contest while on the O RO’s fall wagon.  The bit features deep relief engraving on the cheekpieces and 3¼ -inch spoon, and a copper roller and braces.  It’s the second spade bit he’s made.

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