#18 Kelly Piele

#18 Kelly Piele

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Kelly Piele~

I’m very grateful for the grand opportunity of growing up in the cow business, although it may not have seemed like it at the time.  Some of the toughest days were the best!
I built my first pair of spurs when I was 13. I had a lot of encouragement from my Pops and some coaching from Rafael (Raddy) Gardner, an old time blacksmith whose family has been friends and neighbors with mine for over 100 years. He built bits and spurs in the depression years, trying to survive. In one of those coaching sessions, while whittling some pitch to start the fire in his forge, he asked me “How do you start the fire in your forge?” I said “Well, I usually just use the cutting torch to start the fire.” His response was “When I was a young fellow like you, I never had a cutting torch.” (I understood what he was saying.)  I worked in the woods after high school, until the spotted owl matter brought it to an end. (No big fires back then.)

To avoid getting a real job, I started building squeeze chutes and cattle equipment. I get to do business with the best ranches in the country and made some great friends, like Steve Moreland of Nebraska, who recently went on to bigger things. He will be missed.   I got married to Sue a few years ago. The Western Horseman recognized her fine leatherwork not long ago. Her grandfather was Cow Boss of the MC in 1918. (Ya, she’s royalty) and the love of my life.  I would like to build a good bit for a fine bridle horse someday.

Kelly is from Lakeview, Oregon

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