#10 Brian Brown

#10 Brian Brown

Brian Brown~

Brian and Jodi Brown live near St. John, Washington on their ranch where they run black cows, quarter horses, and raise export hay.  They fell into silver work from a friend John Hyde’s suggestion about 9 years ago.

Brian’s passion for quality hand made gear pushed him to not only add to his own collection but, he also uses many of these bits and gear on the ranch.

Brian built several bits and wasn’t pleased with them so he reached out to Rusty McCullough who was the boost and inspiration needed to start down the path of refinement that he is still on.  Jodi is a full-time silversmith, ranch hand, secretary and mother of 3.  Brian and Jodi enjoy time spent in the shop together and time  horse back.  Together they strive to provide customers with quality one-of-a-kind pieces with a flare of the old-world makers.


Winning Bid: $1,500.00

Item condition: New

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