#2 Jeremiah Watt & Nevada Watt Miller

#2 Jeremiah Watt & Nevada Watt Miller

Nevada Watt Miller & Jeremiah Watt

Nevada Miller ~

I have named this cheek “Shield Yourself From The Storm”. The lightning bolts symbolize the hardships that we face in life. But if we put our hope in Christ, symbolized by the cross at the bottom, and base our perspective in his promises we are able to see beauty in the storm. The beauty is shown by the engraved scrolls that envelop the lightning bolts. Then for the shield I chose to overlay a cloud with rain and arrows, the arrows remind us to look heavenward, and the rain a promise for a hopeful future. Solid sterling silver and copper overlaid on steel.
Jeremiah Watt~

The bit shown, is the work of my daughter Nevada and myself. My cheek is Bible themed, so here is my explanation for what I have done.

A- Striped edges, just as Christ was striped for us. Isaiah 53-5

B- the Cathedral mouth, that place of meeting for Christ followers, a place of security and sanctuary Matthew 16:18

C-The Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit set on RED for the 2nd coming of Christ 2nd Corinthians 13:14

D- The beauty that goes unseen, the work on the inside is where Christ does His first work and His best work. 1st Peter 3:4

E- The colors which God called for in the construction of the Tabernacle, Silver, Gold and Copper or Bronze. While all three are found hundreds of times, no verse has all 3 together.

F- Beads that represent the Sadducees and Pharisees. Note these are bi colored beads, and while both claim to represent God, both also missed the coming of the Son as was prophesied.

G- The Shield which is this years cheek “theme”, I chose the “armor of God” rather than a Route 66 take on things. Ephesians 6:10-18

H- the lowest bead represents the confused and mislead heart of Judas of Iscariot. Special thanks to Uncle Bill for the Damascus to make the Judas Bead.

I- Exactly 10-Those little beads represent the 10 Commandments, given to us as guide posts for a righteous life


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