#9 Albert Zwahlen

#9 Albert Zwahlen

Albert Zwahlen-

Albert Zwahlen is from Lake Point Utah and got his start braiding about 18 years ago when he made his first set of reins. One of his good friends showed him how to braid eight strands of parachute cord into a set of reins and at that moment he knew he wanted to keep making rawhide braided gear.  Knowing this, he knew he wanted to excell in his craft making rawhide items more traditional.  He saw a feed store hackamore, and thought to himself he could make that and better.  His first few projects were a bit on the rough side but he was hooked.   He sought out anyone at a roping with anything braided and wanted to look at it to figure out how it was made.   He met, a now mentor at a roping who had asked about his reins.   He sought out classes or gathering from that point on.  He once was told, to learn one new thing each day.  He enjoys getting to travel and meeting new people because of this craft.  Albert enjoys the friendships and mentors that he has met on this journey.  He is always willing and hopes to share his knowledge with anyone who is interested.

Item Description

12 strand Santa Ynez style 42 inches long with 16 inches of buttons. The romal is 16 strand braid, 28 inches long with a matching button pattern


42″ Rein

Winning Bid: $2,300.00

Item condition: New

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