#4 Nate Giftt

#4 Nate Giftt

Nate Giftt-

I am a rawhide braider and day-working cowboy, and reside in Baker City, Oregon with my wife and two kids.  I have been chasing the cowboy culture since I was 15 years old.  I started working at Butte Creek Scout Ranch, in Scotts Mills, Oregon.  Butte Creek was engulfed in buckaroo traditions.  While there I started making my own chaps, headstalls, breast collars, or whatever I deemed a necessity to get the job done.  My brother, Dan and I started our company Buckaroo Built in 2009, where we both made basic leather goods.  Later that year I had an opportunity to spend some time learning how to braid with Bill Black, which is how I got my start in rawhide braiding. He was my foundation in my braiding.



I process all of my own hides, from skinning the cow to dyeing strings, with the exception of some of my kangaroo hides which I purchase and cut my strings from.  To me, going to shows isn’t all about selling product and making money.  It’s about showing people what I can create, talking to other craftsman, and getting pointers on what I could do to improve my work.  Even more so, it is about building friendships with those who share a passion for gear making that I do.  Since the start of my craft I have chased braiding and the refinement of building quality buckaroo gear and the horses that pack them.  I strive to continue to learn from others, and believe in passing down the traditions of braiding and vaquero horsemanship.


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