#2 Nevada Miller & Jeremiah Watt

#2 Nevada Miller & Jeremiah Watt

Jeremiah Watt and Nevada Miller

Jeremiah Watt-

Jeremiah is a resident of Coalinga, California and shares the Company work with his wife Colleen. Life for Jeremiah began as a saddlemaker and custom bitmaker. Today Jeremiah has a flourishing business with saddle hardware marketed under the Horse Shoe Brand logo and a line of bits and spurs, that can be found in stores all over the west marketed under the JWP brand.

Jeremiah enjoys sharing the knowledge that he has gained over the 45 plus years of business life and hand skills. Jeremiah has produced DVD’s to help would be students as well as a yearly round of classes at the GRS facility in Emporia Kansas.

Nevada Miller-

Maker, silversmith, entrepreneur, and teacher. Nevada and her husband currently reside in the middle of nowhere, Southeastern Oregon, where she spends most of her time fabricating, engraving, and creating eclectic silver jewelry. However, helping her husband and their family on the ranch keeps her sane! Nevada is an active ranching wife seasoned in keeping the leppy calves alive and thriving!


Bit Design and Inspiration

What began as a crescent moon set beneath a 2.25” concho, ended its design journey as the “Bouquet Cheek”. The overall design celebrates the most popular singular design theme used out west, that being  the flower. Whether carved, engraved or growing between two rocks in the desert, the flower is as integral to the American west as is dust.

Nevada and I decided we both wanted to incorporate the flower as a focal point, placed larger than life upon the designer’s pedestal. While we both agreed to pursuing this design concept, we both felt the need for an individualized approach to the flower’s actual attributes within the steel and silver canvas we were presented with. Our choice of flower shape, metal color etc. were up to each artist. Chose what appealed to you in the moment was our agreed upon journey.

The modified El Segundo mouthpiece, being loose jawed and taller than the usual, offers the potential for more feel and signal response by the horse. If the horse responds well to some pallet pressure, then this El Segundo adaptation should serve the horse and rider well.

Our bridle bit entry for 2023 contest incorporates steel, sterling silver, brass as well as copper. The only inference to Christ on this year’s entry lies in the almost imperceptible tiny cruciform shapes that act as background upon the upper concho rim. Like Christ himself, while he may go unseen at times in our lives, in truth he is always there if only we look closer.

Winning Bid: $2,550.00

Item condition: New

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