#11 Travis Clelland

#11 Travis Clelland

Travis Clelland-

Travis Clelland’s career as a bit and spur maker began as a required project to graduate from high school.  Since that time, it has blossomed into something much more-his passion and a business called T. Clelland Bits and Spurs. Travis spent many days working for some of the most beautiful ranches in Northern Nevada and Southern Idaho; the Spanish Ranch, the Winecup-Gamble Ranch, and the Y-3 Ranch as well as others.  This experience not only gave him an innate connection to nature and animals, but it taught him to understand the balance that is required in a bridle, and also what is needed for arena style bits and snaffle bits. His great Uncle, Mark Dahl, is quite well known in the Cowboy Arts realm and was kind enough to tutor Travis early in his career.  Travis also began engraving silver and steel with the help of Ernie Marsh in August of 2013.  Travis is very fortunate to live within walking distance of Dave Alderson.  Dave, a renowned Silversmith, has taken Travis under his wing and allowed Travis to apprentice under him. Dave has shown Travis how to take his engraving and silver work to a higher level.  Dave also taught Travis how to make his own silver sheet and wire.  Dave is always right down the road when Travis needs his expertise.

Travis’ studio is located in Twin Falls, Idaho

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