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  • #1 John Wright & Jon Peters

    #1 John Wright & Jon Peters

    *All proceeds on the sale of this bit go directly to the Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum* John Wright- John is from a ranching and rodeo family in Nevada where he has crafted fine leather […]
    Starting Bid: $1,200.00
  • #2 Nevada Miller & Jeremiah Watt

    #2 Nevada Miller & Jeremiah Watt

    Jeremiah Watt and Nevada Miller Jeremiah Watt- Jeremiah is a resident of Coalinga, California and shares the Company work with his wife Colleen. Life for Jeremiah began as a saddlemaker and custom bitmaker. Today Jeremiah […]
    Starting Bid: $2,500.00
  • #3 Dennis Domingos

    #3 Dennis Domingos

    Dennis Domingos- Dennis grew up in the Santa Ynez valley.  San Luis Obispo is to the North, Ventura to the South and Santa Barbara is in the middle.  This is the home to many Vaqueros […]
    Starting Bid: $1,200.00
  • #5 George Elsner

    #5 George Elsner

    George Elsner- George grew up working on ranches in the west. He currently builds custom bridles, spurs, bridle bits and snaffles for individual horses and cowboys.  George is a very humble and modest silversmith who […]
    Starting Bid: $1,200.00
  • #6 Connor Garwood

    #6 Connor Garwood

    Connor Garwood- Connor Garwood has spent most of his life cowboying on ranches from where he grew up in Nebraska to Wyoming, Nevada, and now Arizona where he’s currently colt starter and a cowboy on […]
    Starting Bid: $950.00
  • #7 Micheal Cotton

    #7 Micheal Cotton

    Micheal Cotton- Micheal is a full time bit maker living in East Texas. Micheal specializes in the Texas style bits for rodeo competition and performance horses. All bits are handmade in a little backyard shop […]
    Starting Bid: $1,500.00
  • #9 Chris Cheney

    #9 Chris Cheney

    Chris Cheney- Chris Cheney lives with his family in Rexburg, Idaho. He’s been in the bit, spur, and saddle business for 23 years building mostly California style bits and Wade saddles. With the help of […]
    Starting Bid: $2,300.00
  • #10 Brian Brown

    #10 Brian Brown

    Brian Brown- Brian lives near St. John Washington on his family’s ranch. They run black cows, quarter horses, and raise export hay.  He fell into silver work from a friend John Hyde’s suggestion about 9 […]
    Starting Bid: $1,700.00
  • #11 Travis Clelland

    #11 Travis Clelland

    Travis Clelland- Travis Clelland’s career as a bit and spur maker began as a required project to graduate from high school.  Since that time, it has blossomed into something much more-his passion and a business […]
    Starting Bid: $2,500.00