2023 Annual Bit Contest, Rawhide Romal Rein Contest & Gear Show

Thank you for joining us for the 2023 Cowboy Arts & Gear
Museum 5th Annual Bit Contest & Auction. Without such a
strong foundation of support, this simply would not be possible.
Through continued support, we are able to preserve a legacy of
hard work & craftsmanship and continue to share the history of
our western culture.

We continue our tradition this year as we spotlight the Crescent Moon Cheek. This bit was featured in the 1924 Garcia Saddlery Co. Elko
Nevada Catalog as bit #16.  The influence of the Moors design on this particular cheek dates back to the 8th Century.   Moorish influence can still be seen in the gear designs brought to the Americas by the Spanish.  Today the Crescent Moon Cheek is a symbol of our connection and influence from the Spanish Vaquero and the art work that is prevalent in traditional gear made by makers today.

Each participating artist was given a set of blank cheek pieces
to start. The contest is judged on two components of artistry
and two components of functionality.

2023 Crescent Moon Cheek

Twenty creators from across the country whose experience range from seasoned experts to emerging talent have put their own individual style and
creativity into raw materials to forge truly unique and functional
pieces of art.

These beautiful bits are available for auction alongside
cowboy gear and collectibles. Every piece from rawhide romal reins, engraved silver, and tooled leather has been handmade and is available for bid to support the artists who create them and the Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum.
The Bit Contest & Auction pays tribute to artists, gear-makers,
our history, our future, and the passion it takes to keep it all alive.

The live online auction on all items will start Wednesday February 1st at 1am PST through February the 3rd at 8:00pm PST.

The 2023 Bit contest is the 5th annual event hosted by the Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum.  This is the first year the Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum has hosted the Rawhide Romal Rein contest.  We are honored to have some of the best braiders in the industry for this years event. Please join us the evening of February 3rd from 5-9 pm for a no host bar and hors d’oeuvres.

Thank you to the many sponsors of the CAGM annual event “SPONSOR PAGE”


For more information please call 775-340-0789 for more information